Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, I'm bad at updating...

Weekend fun was loads of fun! I forgot to post but I'm sure my readers forgive me!

Second month of unemployment down & no I still don't miss the old job... I miss working though. I watch the G-cub full-time but starting tomorrow it will be a bit less and spread over more days because my daughter GOT A JOB! YEAH!!

I became a grandmother again(3 weeks early) on October 21st! My oldest (mystery daughter) had a 6lb 4oz baby boy via emergency c-section. He was breach & they had planned the cc-section for November 2nd but Gar-bear(my nickname for him) had other ideas! I am not complaining.

I will be heading to Billings in the next month for a visit. I am debating if I should go alone, take my mother or take the hubby. The solo trip is sounding the best as I can't really see spending 3 days with my mom non-stop & the hubby can't ever get time off. OK,OK, I really just want to be away for a bit! lol

My Billings trip will include a side trip to Miles City to do some waymarking & hopefully some geocaching.

My next trip will be a 4 day trip to Butte-Anaconda-Dillon area for geocaching, waymarking & maybe enrolling in a few classes.