Sunday, January 25, 2009


I miss the ears that really listened to me & the eyes which really saw what I was feeling, thinking and doing...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine geese

Valentine geese
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The owners dress these two different throughout the year. Sadly someone stole the cute penguin outfits they had on in December.


Many things are on my plate this week:
  1. My job - I am concerned as to whether or not I will or want to continue on with this job. I will stick it out to the bitter end.
  2. Surgery & baby - The hubby's surgery finally got a date, February 26. Which is good since it is after the baby's due date of February 11. He will be hospitalized for 5 days and then convalescent leave for up to 90 days after.
  3. The ex will be here February 4 to "help" with the baby. No stress there *insert sarcasm*
  4. Family pet - we are considering getting a dog... seriously. After many months of looking at different breeds the Newfoundland is my personal choice. But you can't find a breeder, rescue or one in a pound within 500 miles of GF. *ugh*
I have been very stressed and angry over the first 3 but tonight I had to make the decision to either cry it out or chose a different approach. I went with the latter. We will see how that works for the anger/stress/frustration.

Any suggestions for doggie names?? :-D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There is only one word to say...


I love Suze

Ok maybe love is too strong but I really respect her.

Suze Orman is obnoxious on her TV & Radio shows but the message she is putting out there is right on!

Go get her latest book! FREE!!!!

The winds of change

They are a-blowin'!
With the closing of many local businesses and the one chain here in Great Falls, I have to say the recession is hitting us.
The loss of small business is our own fault though, we bought into the greed. Do you shop at Wal*Mart?Target? Eat at Burger King? McDonald's? Yah- that helped. I know that I contributed too. I also know I never ate at the Big Sky Bagel Bakery and very rarely at either Burger Master, Zandy's or Park-n-Ponder. When my son worked at Zandy's- we ate there but not before nor since. That was my choice. My family loves to eat Best Wok, Maple Gardens, and Howard's Pizza. We also eat BK, Subway and Noodles Express. There are many local choices mixed with those chains.

When Barnes & Noble first arrived in GF there was an awesome local bookstore I loved. I spent a ton there. Not six months after B&N opened they closed- cheap books beat them. Box stores have a solid business model that draws in customers and pushes mom & pop stores out. But the consumer drives businesses. Business is in business to make money. Greed leads companies (& people) to make & sell more products because that is what produces more profit. If you want to see greed in action just turn on the TV! Every commercial sells you a product. When the Red Lobster commercial comes on I think about how great it would be to have one here BUT I also know that it would not be a place I could afford to eat at every day. The once a year trip to Billings makes it "special" to eat at RL.

You want local businesses to stick around? Spend your money at the local stores! The whole "sustainable" movement is not just about the environmental impact of big business! Buying local products keeps your neighbor as your neighbor- builds your community and if when the economy seriously tanks - your know where you can still buy your groceries!

Where are you going to get your food if you can't buy it at Wal*Mart? Where are you going to buy your clothes if the chain stores are closed? Will you be eating out if Burger King is gone?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Things are different in Winnett

55 - Petrolium County
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With a population of just under 500 people in the county I figured I'd never see this one in GF!

I am now at 43/56 counties!

It will be work to get the last 13.

Holy S*it!

It's snowing


Saturday, January 10, 2009


So I frequently view sites that people click in from..... I found this one interesting- it randomly clicks through blogs. You can stop it or skip faster.

Totally cool!
I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Self-Improving Organized Money Manager

The best line of this quiz was in the results:
"0% of the 55761 people who have taken this quiz are like you"

Does that mean I am totally unique or what!??!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Is there something special going on this weekend?

(I really was stumped as to why I saw so many different out-of-county plates today in the mall!)

1. 1 - Silverbow County,
2. 8 - Fergus County,
3. 12 - Hill County,
4. 14 - Custer County, (rare)
5. 15 - Lake County, (somewhat rare)
6. 26 - Pondera County,
7. 46 - Granite County,
8. 48 - Liberty County,
9. 7 - Flathead County, (somewhat rare)
10. 5 - Lewis and Clark County,
11. 31 - Teton County,
12. 27- Richland County, (rare)
13. 3 - Yellowstone County

Friday, January 2, 2009


ZooMontana just announced that they have acquired a female red panda! This means they have a breeding pair!!


As so as the Hubby recovers from surgery we are off to meet Zoe!!

(do I sound excited?)