Friday, January 23, 2009


Many things are on my plate this week:
  1. My job - I am concerned as to whether or not I will or want to continue on with this job. I will stick it out to the bitter end.
  2. Surgery & baby - The hubby's surgery finally got a date, February 26. Which is good since it is after the baby's due date of February 11. He will be hospitalized for 5 days and then convalescent leave for up to 90 days after.
  3. The ex will be here February 4 to "help" with the baby. No stress there *insert sarcasm*
  4. Family pet - we are considering getting a dog... seriously. After many months of looking at different breeds the Newfoundland is my personal choice. But you can't find a breeder, rescue or one in a pound within 500 miles of GF. *ugh*
I have been very stressed and angry over the first 3 but tonight I had to make the decision to either cry it out or chose a different approach. I went with the latter. We will see how that works for the anger/stress/frustration.

Any suggestions for doggie names?? :-D

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