Monday, March 15, 2010

Update March 2010

So many things have been happening that I forget to update here. sorry.

February 28th in the early afternoon we received a call from the Cascade County Sheriff's office informing us the van had been located in Billing! We contacted the officer on scene and worked out a plan to retrieve it later that day. If we wanted to press charges the van would be towed to GF and processed all at our expense.
We needed the van here for Daughter#2 so we had to retrieve it ASAP.
The flying trip down started at 6PM and we pulled into Billings around 10PM. After working on the van we stopped by Mystery Daughter's house to meet my #2 g-cub, Gar-Bear! I got to spend 2 hours holding him & feeding him, so I was very happy. We pulled out of Billings and headed home about 230AM. The trip home included avoiding deer & a bobcat.
Arrival home was 630AM. I went to bed & the hubby headed into work.

Happy it is back!

It's now countdown time to Son#2's graduation! He is walking a fine line this last semester but I still have hope he will pull it off.

#1 G-cub is growing like a weed and is ready to walk. He has 2 teeth with a 3rd in the works.

Life is chaotic but seems to be good.