Sunday, July 12, 2009

These are my tweeple!

On Saturday evening many of the local tweeters meet in real life at the Downtown Doghouse. We were treated to awesome food, beverages and conversation!
A BIG shout out to Dave the owner of the Doghouse! Thank you for opening your business to us and the community. You are an asset to Great Falls!

It was so nice to meet the faces behind the tweets! I can now put voices with those words.
I was impressed that we had more attendees than the Michael Jackson Memorial in Missoula and the St. Louis Tweetup combined!

I'm looking forward to the next Twitter event!

In the mean time - we have the Blogger event coming up on July 18th!


Mark said...

It was great meeting you and enjoyed visiting with you! Appreciate posting of the photos as well. They are great.

Michele said...

I wish I could attend the Blogger Bash this Saturday, but I am seldom in GTF over the weekend. Have a great time!
I wish I had thought to comment earlier... the Geocache meeting is tonight at Ryan's Station. Also, be watching for a BBQ in mid August. It'd be fun to see you there!
p.s. Whenever I hear about people "Tweeting" I think of the old song Rockin' Robin! LOL
One of these days you should send me a note letting me know just what this "Twitter thing" is all about.