Monday, March 10, 2008

A funny thing about love

I love my husband. I really do. Sometimes I have to try to remember that. I know he feels the same. It is days like today where we are trying to figure something out and just can't get on the same page that tests it that much more.

Today- money is our issue.

Not lack of but what to do with: which bills to pay first? pay off or just pay down? How much to start saving for a rainy day? How much needs to be set aside for Property taxes and such?

To make it worse for me he decided to start this conversation in the middle of a show I have waited a week to watch.


I know I am in love with Anthony Bourdain. He is just the sexiest man on the Travel channel. I love to listen to him talk, see him make an ass of himself and even watch him smoke. I'm baffled since I don't care for smokers or New York. LOL He is just sexy.

So now I have missed the majority of my show and we still can't figure out what our financial goal is!

I need some chocolate...

Or alcohol.

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