Monday, July 21, 2008

Mr. Bourdain.... again

I'm starting to figure out what it is that is so attractive about him. He is a romantic writer and he can make even the most sarcastic remark sound sexy when reading his script. But tonight I watched the best episode yet!
The contest winner was (not to my surprise) a woman...but not a tall, sexy blonde but an average looking woman who happens to be Arab-American. Now, I have my bias' but I have no real personal negative interaction to base a prejudice against anyone from the middle east. Danya was an amazing person and she deserved the win (Since I didn't dig up any cool ideas & enter I can't complain much.) She presented Saudi Arabia in a very real way - no camel-riding-gun-toting-zealots, just people. The market place was filled with women in their abais and men in thobes making it appear to be a sea of black and white. But the people they spoke with smiled, laughed and joked as everyone on every other episode. She had Tony meet her family and friends as well as convincing him try foods she herself did not know or sometimes like but it gave a bigger picture of a culture we tend to shroud in dark clouds of terrorism.
When I take a minute to reflect on my personal perceptions of Saudi I envision a very generous nation- my friends from back in the day who were stationed there never talked about anything scary or dark. They complained about no alcohol but they came back 30 lbs lighter and buff.
What an impact the media has- my thoughts are jumbled with the bomb-wearing terrorist and the kids in snapshots from the airmen who served there.

It was an excellent show. If you get a change watch it.

I wonder if it is available for download yet.

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