Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yup- an official rant!

Son#1 has been basking in the Arizona sun for about 10 days now and the only time he calls is to tell me he is thinking of staying there. Now I should be happy that the boy has finally decided to fly the coup but I know better. He is impulsive and really never thinks through the initial "ah-ha" moment. (If you have been reading my blog long you probably already knew this) I love the boy but he needs to think a bit more before he drops out of school the second he meets a girl!

Step is moving into Son#1's room while he is away (can't let the guestroom be without a guest can we) and she waits for the apartment she applied for to come open. Tuesday was her latest OB appointment and neither BFD or I could go. peanut cub is doing fine. I learned this week that BFD is not happy that I used peanut for the baby- apparently the last mom did...GRRRRRRRR, looser...

*slight interuption* My Algebra teacher just walked in my office *HOLY CRAP*

Now I forgot what I was ranting about. damn.

Cub names:
  • boy- Adrean Dravin
  • girl- Issis Rayn
I love my kids....somedays...

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