Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A brief synopsis of the holiday break

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OK- Turkey Day was a bust. The family gathering was lame, we said no prayer and it really was just uncomfortable. The Hubby & I agree that next year we will do or go anywhere else.

The USAF did not take a break so the Hubby worked Thursday, Friday & part of Saturday. He hunted on Saturday & Sunday with no luck.

Saturday my Aunt took me on a long drive looking for turkey to photograph with her spiffy new camera. In the van we carried 6 cameras, two humans and one dog. We saw one group of turkey so far from the road that even her 80-300mm didn't help. The only saving grace was taking the wrong turn and ending up in the middle of a cattle drive. About 500 photos later we headed home.

I caught a cold or maybe a sinus infection.

I didn't think about work one day over the break! Now, I'm behind on the website. I hope I will have it up soon! Stay tuned.

The Owl is still alive & doing very well! I hope to have more photos of him soon.

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