Monday, December 8, 2008

Family gift exchange

Back in the day we used to cram 30 people & 3 or 4 pets into my Grandmother's house (about 900 square feet on the main floor) and have a mountain of gifts to unwrap, ooh & aah over...

As time passes there are fewer of us to gather and my Aunt who lives with Grandmother is not too appreciative of the mountain of gifts, thus we now have the "gift exchange." I assumed that all the names of everyone over the age of 18 were actually put in a hat & drawn- WRONG! Apparently they divide the names by generation and then my Mother & Aunt V just pick who should give to whom! Of course every year without fail the Hubby gets Cousin L and I get Sister#3...surprise this year I got Cousin L & the Hubby got Sister#3!!! I REALLY hope that Cousin D DOES NOT get me! She buys the worst gifts -even with the suggestions! Son#1 and Step will exchange with Big J while Son#2 & Turtle will get as many gifts as people want to buy them (since they are still under the magic age of 18!!)

To help the family with the exchange this year I requested 3 gift ideas from the Hubby, Son#1, Step & Son#2. The cheapest gift will be suggested to the person giving in the exchange, the most expensive (within reason) will be from "Santa" or Mom&Dad and the middle one for my Mother (since we have to have gifts at her house as well)

Don't get my rambling wrong- I enjoy exchanging gifts and having fun with the family but I really don't relish having to shop for all of it. Christmas shopping is NOT retail therapy!

The truly funny thing is I can find things for the kids & even Cousin L online no problem but shopping for the Hubby is the worst! I have no idea what bi-pod he wants/needs for his spiffy new gun! How do you pick a rifle sling?? Maybe I'll just give him a gift card to Scheels!

Of course I don't want much:

Big Buddha Melrose bag in Yellow
A Nikon D60!!!
(I'm not really betting on either!)

I'll be lost in the mall about 4PM today... wish me luck!

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