Friday, February 20, 2009


I have come to understand that many of the people I "help" through my job are not rational and not always sane but I think that sometimes I get too emotionally attached to the case anyway. Take the case of Alicia.

I know the father because he dated my daughter. The biological mother of the injured baby also came to my clinic for help. I met the baby and she was a sweetie. These two young adults both loved the baby.
I am just sickened by Alicia's actions.

I actually went to visit my daughter to check on my grandson after work yesterday.

I'm physically & emotionally exhausted after dealing with this.

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Michele said...

Oh. My. God! To think this happened only one street up and three blocks over from where I work. My soul is crying for this little child.
Stories like this are the main reason I don't read the newspapers anymore. I am too sensitive. For my own well being, I had to remove myself from as much depressing news as I could.