Friday, February 27, 2009


  • The hubby had his disk replacement surgery on the 26th. He is doing great. He was up & walking within 4 hours of coming out of the OR! He is off the IV, IV meds, cath & oxygen! I'm guessing he will be home by Monday & have the next 20 days off. *fingers crossed*
  • Baby Adrean is doing well. The hospital & Social Security misspelled his name so he will be refered to as Adrian in the future. (easier than fighting with the agencies)
  • We got a DOG! I wanted the Saint Bernard at the pound but the hubby talked me into the sweet little Beagle/Australian Shepard mix. She is the cutest thing.
  • Did I mention I am a addict?totally addicted!

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Michele said...

I didn't realize your hubby was having back surgery! My ex just had a disk removed on Tuesday. They had him go home that same night. Crazy!
The hubby should be feeling MUCH better now. Take good care of him and don't let him over do it. He may feel better, but he still has to heal. (My ex has had the surgery 3 times now).

Cute puppy! Good choice!
AND-- Addicted to Facebook? That can't happen, can it? Uh Oh! I think I am off to see if there is a page dedicated to Facebook addiction on Facebook... :-D