Friday, August 21, 2009

Lack of motivation

I am lacking motivation to write anything of substance recently.
Actually I lack the motivation to even get out of bed some days.
My head is spinning. really.

The dizziness issue is getting worse. To add to the fun my extremedies go numb randomly. This makes work, life very hard to do.

On Tuesday my ED told me I was fired. Luckily, the Treasurer overruled him on that. I returned to work on Wednesday and decided that I really can't work for this man under these conditions any longer. This next Thursday will be my last day. I figured I would finish the pay period and be done.

I have no ill feelings toward most of the board or the ideals behind the Law Clinic but as long as they have the current ED they will have little success. You can't succeed under inept leadership.

On to my next phase in life.

I hope to be substituting shortly and I have found some temp and part-time work. I think the less intense work schedule will help me to deal with my illness.

I will not get any unemployment benefits but the hubby and I have planned for this for a bit so I'm covered for the next month or so.

Onward & upward!

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