Friday, February 8, 2008

We interupt

this peaceful, happy place for a quick rant. exclaim

I recently reconnected with many friends from elementary through high school via several different social websites. Only one was not pleasant. It's funny though- I have spent so much of my time and energy working on my personal belief system and being a person I want to be that when attacked from left field by someone for something I knew nothing about it is hard to continue to project peace, happiness and calm. mad

So here is a personal note to LAB-R:

Your note will be filed under "giveashit" for when I feel I want to.
I have no recollection of the events happening while I was there and since I left shortly after...I don't really care.
Since you brought up karma maybe you should think about this- all your anger does not affect me- only you. The energy you put out is what comes back to you threefold.
Best wishes with your life and new family.

Now we resume our regularly scheduled posts

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