Monday, November 17, 2008

I am a bad influence

The hubby finally had a day weekend off with no phone calls and no heading into the office at 0-dark-30 for some pinhead screw-up airman.

We had a nice Sunday brunch and then stopped by the mall to *look* at a hunting rifle. He looked a lot & I checked out all the cool mounted animals before he found the one! So he now is the proud owner of a .270 whatever/thingy gun.

Maybe I should say "only if I get my new camera"?? LOL

He can have his toys... he works very hard for them.

I'll be cooking up a lot of deer this weekend while he is out killing the next one!

1 comment:

EMT girl said...

No more guns til you get your camera, maybe you can take him out to look and sigh a lot til he gives in. :-)