Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lobby Cafe

I have decided that since I work downtown I should eat at all the different places instead of just grabbing the same old fair.

Today I convinced one of the paralegals from upstairs to go with me to the Lobby Cafe.

It was really empty at noon, a surprise to me since it's downtown! We sat down & a very nice man took our order- I had the beacon cheeseburger, she the porkchop sandwich. Both get a thumbs up. Fries were awesome. Beacon was fresh-cooked, perfectly & just yummy. The price was not bad either- $8.95 for meal with a drink. My lunch companion was very happy with the taste of her sandwich, too.

I didn't see one ghost, bummer.

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Michele said...

I went to the Lobby Bar on Halloween night... didn't see any ghosts either! My friend and I (you know him as MontanaScarecrow) took the "haunted" tour of the entire building. By the light of the tour guides flashlights we were able to get a glimpse of the history of the old hotel. I'd love to see it in daylight now. **geocache notes: If it wasn't so close to my "Flash of Blue" and "The NEW cache" I'd run out and hide a "Reflection of Red" across the street! I'm going to have to do some very close measurements!**