Saturday, May 31, 2008

The latest bi-weekly visit to the Fort & Capitol city

This is the last of the bi-weekly visits! Next trip will be in four weeks. YAHHHH!

Don't get me wrong I like to travel but currently I'd like to see some place different. Anyway.

Son#1 and I got a late start but made it to our respective appointments on time. I enjoyed by training session and feel I learned some very valuable information and made a few good contacts.

The downside today was all the wrong turns i made. *sigh* I really got turned around in a couple of areas with lots of traffic.

The high point of the day was lunch with Kim & Greg! I have been reading Kim's blog for (I think) two years now. I was very excited to finally get to meet her and chat for a bit. Son#1 was very groggy after his dental appointment and I think he would have preferred to have slept but was a good sport & toughed out the meal.

After the visit we stopped at the Carroll College campus and looked around, took pictures & then decided we should head home.

It was a very long day.

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