Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday fun

We got moving early for a change and hit the 17th Anniversary sale at Action Cards & Comics with the boys. It was a quick visit but very fruitful. The boys got cards & dice. I got my free comic!

After a few stops we drops the boys back at the house and headed to the shooting range. We brought the new gun, the hubby's Marlin .17 and my .22. I figured it would be nice to put holes in paper and laugh about how bad a shot I am after not handling a gun for over 20 yrs.

The hubby to loaded the .40 and i put a few rounds into the .22.

009, originally uploaded by ZhenPanda.

I held my breath as i pulled the trigger the first shot.
Oops- I forgot to take the safety off.
LOL try again.
wow... tink, tink, tink...this is fun!
I reloaded and shot off another 10 rounds.

By this time the hubby had gone through 4 clips on the .40 & was fairly disgusted. It was really hard to tell where he was hitting.

I walked down to my target & found i had NOT HIT IT ONCE!

I suck.

I let the hubby site in the .17 and once I shot that I did not feel so bad. I at least hit the paper!

A couple hours and a few hundred rounds later we packed up & came home.

I'll tell you there is nothing like the smell of gunpowder!

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