Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vista problems?

I love the commercials that tell me my PC is crap & that Vista will do nothing but screw up. I laugh every time I see one.

I recently replaced my 8yo PC which the hubby built for me back when we started dating. He has, over the years, made minor repairs to it and added more memory and hard-drive space when needed. In December the power supply and we believe one of the hard drives began to fail. I begrudgingly used the laptop until we could decide how to replace it. Because we did not feel I needed a souped-up-top-of-the-line overpriced model we waited until one appeared that seemed to fit the bill. It happened when we made a late night trip to WalMart to get the gun cleaning kit he kept forgetting about. $650 later we had a new computer- not for me though. It was more of what the hubby wanted in an upgrade so I got his hand-me-down.

I'm not complaining.

I have been using my *new* computer for almost a week and it has had ZERO problems. I can run all my programs and peripherals. Where is vista a problem? It sounds alot like when XP came out & everyone said it was a failure.

I missed it somewhere. For what I do & Want to do vista works. period.

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