Friday, June 13, 2008


Father's Day is the day we think about what our fathers mean to us.

It's been two years and I still miss hearing Dad laugh.
I miss this smile and hearing "oh golly" when I shared any news with him.

It's the small and seemingly insignificant things which remind me most of him.

Being the youngest of 12 was his place in the Walsh clan. Although the family was large, he always seemed to be right in the middle of it. There were only two girls and they both babied him- just like any big sis would do. His brothers looked out for him too-helping him in his move to Montana.

When his time came he served his country during the Korean War- following 5 of his brothers who had served during WWII. He found things he liked by visiting the different place the Air Force sent him. He found his home here in Great Falls after only a brief stay on his way to Alaska.

He also found Mom. They spent 45 years as husband and wife after dating for 3 years. Dad would camp out at my Grandmother's house and chat with her until Mom was available- even when Mom was living in Salt Lake he visited. To the end he was very close to my Grandmother.

Together they grew a great family. Five girls to keep them busy. He never once complained that there was no boy to carry on the name. It never mattered to him. He loved us all the same. Ever the proud father.

One by one, he walked us down the aisle.

No matter how many grandkids came along he loved them all.

At the end everyone was here here to let him know that he lived a good life and had lived it well.

So, here's to you, Dad! May you be where the fishing is good and the golf great!

Remember your family loves & misses you.
We will never forget you.

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ReAnn said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your dad - he would be proud!!!