Sunday, June 1, 2008

My hubby- the mechanic

When I was dating the hubby one of the most attractive qualities he had was that he was handy & fixed things without em having to ask or at least no nag. I guess that was just another of those "dating" qualities which somehow goes away after marriage...kinda like his ability to dance. LOL

He decided to finally fix the car. The car is a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. I love it. I think we are both very happy with the car as a whole. It only has one small annoying problem- it has this clicking sound which appears after you use the turn signal. We have replaced every part the dealership suggested without any change. He finally googled the problem and found one message board which recommended cleaning the contacts. So today he cleaned them- man were they dirty!

He put everything back together and we decided to run out to Ace to pick up a new pot for my peace plant. As we back out of the driveway i notice that he keeps honking the horn. weird.

Apparently anytime he turns the wheel slightly to the left it honks!


We took the van.

He is back in the garage now cursing the car. I hope he will be able to fix it otherwise his drive to work will suck!

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