Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's time to practice more...

I stumbled across a great Buddhist Blog (which in turn led me to like 5 more...) and I am making a choice today.
I am going to quit drinking Dr. Pepper. period.
I know- it's going to suck, I've tried before. I even stopped for 9 months once but it lured me back.
I plan to use meditation to help me. (the article is about coffee but I equate my Dr. P addiction to coffee for the regular folk)

This is the day I start to make healthy choices for my life.

One step at a time, staying in the moment as much as I can.


Ruby said...

Every attachment that we discard brings us closer to free. Even the ones which appear harmless,if we are disturbed when we are deprived of them,enslave us.

Capt Black Eagle said...

Buddhists dont Drink DP?