Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm numb

For the last couple years I have been bragging on my kids- how smart they can be when they make a good decision, how cute they are, how proud I am of them in general.

All the positive things I had been saying came back & kicked me in the face Friday evening.

My baby girl told me she is pregnant. 4 tests came back positive so I don't think we'll get lucky this time.

Her bio-dad gave her a short speech and really didn't say he was upset about it. Offered for her to move to PA with him if it doesn't work out with BFD (the nickname I gave her boyfriend before this), that annoyed me.

I'm just sick.

The hubby is acting all sorts of weird to. He is all freaked out that she won't let him see the kid or something. *blinks* Huh??? WTF? Why would she stop him? He is a nice enough guy -ya' know he only paid for her life for the last 5 years!?!

It is just so weird.

I'm angry. really angry. It's just ripping my heart out.

She just doesn't get it. Neither do her friends.

I feel I'm being sucked into a vortex.


EMT girl said...

I am here if you need talk or whatever, cry to somebody, I just want you to know we have been through a lot and I will be here for you now too.

ReAnn said...

Just getting caught up on my reading - call me if you need to talk/vent or have coffee!