Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I don't like the changing seasons when it comes to work

I love Fall! It is my all-time fav season! I just love the colors, the way the earth just glows.

I don't like how changing seasons affects my job.
I thought it was just a fluke that on the first day of Spring I was inundated with applications for Divorce and Parenting Plans. It had to be the nice weather. People just wanted the romance of Spring!


On Monday I was just overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, applications submitted and all-around craziness at the office.
I think I would have been fine if one client hadn't made me really think about my personal safety and that of my intern. A while ago I was given a gift by an old friend- pepper spray. I figured I would have it handy just so I could feel "safer" in the corner of the basement I call my office. Monday I actually pulled it out of the drawer with the anticipation that I would need it. I did not really want to use it. After the client left the office I had to close so I could collect myself. I don't remember ever feeling a wave of fear like that before. When I discovered my house had been robbed in Pryor I moved into a motel for a few days but that was my home. It took me over an hour to really stop shaking. I'm not sure how to walk back into that little room.

I have only slept in spurts, kind of napping versus really sleeping.

I'm trying to get a perspective on this where it will not negatively affect my ability to do my job.

Maybe I am just over-thinking it here.

My last "unusual" client- one who made me think I should notify someone- ended up as headline news here in GFMT. I don't feel like I am doing my job if I don't at least let someone know he needs help.

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