Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day hijinx

Washington - Seattle Mariners
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What else can I call them? "Fun in the Sun" was soooooo not appropriate.

Sunday was our semi-annual "Clean-the-garage" day which I am still working on Monday night. Monday was "take-Son#2-school-shopping" day...yes, we shop later because of payday! I had the $300 stimulus money set aside especially for today. Get the boy some new, decent pants & shoes! So off to the stores we go- we hit ShopKo, Target, Kmart, every clothing store in the mall, Old Navy & the BX. We spent a grand total of $14 on shirts, couldn't find one pair of pants he liked and purchased lunch and a snack! He picked up two DVDs as well.

3 hours and $70 later we are home and Son#2 is still wearing those raggedy torn camouflage pants! Now I get to scour the Internet.

Wish me luck.

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