Sunday, September 14, 2008

The weekend went well

We chose to just do a day in Lewistown.

Side trips included waymarking the Post Office in Raynesford! (I also got the Moore Library & Post Office)

I had to capture the last "R" created by students of the Raynesford school before they closed in 2006.

Once we hit Lewistown we revisited the cemetery since on our last visit we did not know where to find the grave of Medal of Honor Recipient Andrew Cummins.

Then I grabbed a few shots of the details on the courthouse and the surrounding memorials.

The nicest part was finding that they have a Carnegie Library and a large Veteran's Memorial park!

We did a lot of wandering around. The local Chamber of Commerce has a Minuteman I missile and Vietnam Veteran's memorial in the park next to it as well as a replica of the Statue of Liberty dedicated to Boy Scouts.

It has to be the most gracious town I have visited in a long time. Every park has some memorial dedicated to those who have served in the military. All branches as well as ones for both living and those who died in service. It made the Hubby feel a lot of emotions. He chose to join the military to serve the country but has not seen battle or conflict because of his career field. It seemed to really tear him up. I'm very proud of him.

It was a very nice trip which we ended with dinner at The Black Diamond Supper Club in Belt. The food tasted great but the service was very poor- the waiter was confused and slow, complaining to customers, blaming things on the busboy and making excuses for everything. We waited over an hour for our food which we had pre-ordered while we waited in the bar. Very sad.

As we drove onto the highway from the Belt turnoff I noticed a semi hit what I first thought was a box but a split second later realized was a deer. We hit it as well. Luckily no one was hurt and it turned out we just hit the end of the part that stayed intact after the initial hit. Thank goodness!

I will say that this was an especially wonderful time to be alone with the Hubby- no kids, no cellphones ringing and just spending time together. We talked about things which have happened recently and how they are affecting our plans for the future. It was great to reconnect and just enjoy one another.

Step is now 18 weeks pregnant. I will be going with her on the 29th for her ultrasound! That is when we will find out the sex of the little cub! BFD decided he was no longer interested in being a daddy so Step is left to do it alone. The Hubby & I are not surprised but she is very hurt over it. He was a bigger liar than we even believed. At least she is looking toward what she needs to do without him.
It will all work out. I know she is strong enough.

Life is good. really, really good.

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