Saturday, October 18, 2008


I received a call from a "friend" from college. I had not spoken with her in a long time. She asked me to complete a form from the state which is doing a home study for her so she can get her two boys back from her parents.

I have many issues with this request.
  • she lied to me about her health in hopes I would take her children so she could do whatever she wanted
  • she sent her children to Georgia to live with another friend when no one here would help
  • she shows open disdain for her oldest boy
  • she has a very different parenting style which I am not sure is best for these two boys.
I don't want to lie on the form. I also don't know that what I say will help or hinder her cause.

I'll be wrestling with my conscience for a bit before I decide to fill it out or send it back.

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EMT girl said...

Be honest it's all you can do. I will be home today if you want to talk or just vent. HUGS