Sunday, October 5, 2008

I haven't done one of these in a long time so.....

Here are things you never wanted to know about me. LOL

A-Age: 41
B-Burger favorite: bacon cheese burger ( buffalo meat makes it even better)
C-Car I drive: mercury villager
D-Dog: allergic to them
E-Essential daily item: camera
F-Favorite show: L&O
G-Game: Luxor
H-Home: GF MT
I-Instrument: piano, trumpet, guitar & french horn
J-Juice: pineapple-orange-banana
K-Kick their bum... long list
L-Last Restaurant I was in: Applebees
M-Muppet: Fozzy & Rowlf
N-Number of piercings: just ears
O-Overnight hospital stays: for birth of my kids
P-People with me today: family
Q-Quiet time activities: photography, reading
R-Regret: none
S-Status: Married x7 years
T-Time I got up this morning: late
U-Unique about me: I collect geocoins
V-Veggie favorites: snow peas
W-Worst habit: procrastination
kidney stones
Y-Yummy foods today: have not ate yet
Z-Zodiac: Leo

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