Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank you Airman M!

This weekend ended up being a stay at home one after all... not because of the weather but thanks to Uncle Sam!
The hubby worked Friday until late and then all day Saturday and was scheduled to work Sunday but it was only a half day. I got my nails done on Friday and learned that my nail tech was giving away a couch, love seat, crib, changing table, dresser and bookshelf. Step needed all those items so I gladly offered to take them off his hands.
Saturday evening the hubby was still working so one of his boys volunteered his truck and showed up at the storage unit to help move the stuff. Step got lost and all our other help fell through so Ki, Airman M and I moved it all....actually Airman M did 99% of it without help. He refused my offers of food, drink & money.

I really appreciate what he did so I'm planning to give him a Christmas card with a gift certificate in it.

Why won't Step date someone like him? Damn.

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Michele said...

Laughing at your comment "Why won't Step date someone like him?". I used to say the same thing over and over about my own daughter.... then she goes and gets married to my least favorite of any of the guys she dated. What's a parent to do? She is happy so I guess that is all that matters!