Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things to do in Montana when you are stressed...

I like to plan road trips!

Last time the Hubby & I made a quick trip to Lewistown so I could waymark a few things including a Medal of Honor recipient's grave. Now, I'm planning a similar trip to BUTTE, USA!
I have a list of waymarks, a few geocaches and just places I think Son#2 may enjoy.
Here are the highlights:
  1. waymark the MoH graves in Butte & Anaconda
  2. waymark the pit- but I am not sure they have a "Superfund" category...
  3. photograph the Silver Bow county courthouse
  4. visit & way mark as much of Uptown & historic Butte as I can stand
  5. waymark United States High Altitude Sports Center
  6. hunt for at least 12 caches
Anyone have a "must see" for the Butte/Anaconda area?


Michele said...

Things to see in Butte- The World Mining Museum and the Orphan Girl. There are many cool buildings in up-town Butte, America, too. If you get the chance, try to take the Old Butte Tours (or Historic Butte Tours, don't remember which name it is). They take you to some of the Speakeasies from the Prohibition Era. Really neat.
Most of all, have fun!
p.s. It was neat meeting you too. See ya next month.

G.P. said...

waymark your way to the berkeley pit, in butte, and if u can manage part of the anaconda pintlar scenic route and georgetown lake..

happy trails
gp in whitehall